Meet Our Sponsors

The Kingdom Call is sponsored by The Church Alliance, The World Praise Center, and other Christian organizations around the world ‐‐ and, below is a list of some of our sponsors (in alphabetical order) ‐‐ which also includes individuals (of course):



The Church Alliance Link

The Church Alliance ‑‑ an organization designed to help gather, or unite those who believe in Jesus (who are also referred to as Believers, or as Christians), worldwide


Timothy Middlebrook Ministries Link

Timothy Middlebrook ‑‑ a born-again, blood-washed, and Spirit-filled Christian, who has forsaken everything, to follow, serve, or obey Jesus (who is alive, and still speaking to people, and who judges everyone, on earth, by His “written” Word, or the Holy Bible (with the King James Version being the best))


The World Praise Center Link

The World Praise Center ‑‑ an organization that is specifically designed to help those who believe in Jesus (who are also referred to as Believers, or as Christians), to praise the Lord, and to be “blessed,” BECAUSE of it, and much more




A Special Note:

We invite you, to
join our list of sponsors,
who have taken a stand, for Jesus,
and for His Word, in a world that hates Him,
and that hates us, as Believers, or as Christians,
and that really hates everyone, given that Satan
does NOT even love his very best servants
(because he is incapable of love).

Please remember this:

United we SHALL “stand”
(as Christians) ‐‐ and,
“unity” begins with YOU!

And, please remember
the words of Edmund Burke,
who reportedly said the following:

“The only thing necessary,
for the triumph of evil,
is for good men to do nothing.

Therefore, please do something,
to help people go to heaven,
and please do it soon.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord.